State Requirements

The following is a list of the requirements, sorted by state.
Last updated: June 1, 2018

Nursing Home Administrators

Some states limit the number of ceu's that can be obtained through distance learning. The NAB approved ceu's on our site are fully pre-approved by the following states for the hours stated.

State # of CEUs Required # of CEUs that can be acquired online
Alabama 24/yr 6 online
Alaska none Unlimited
Arizona 50/yr 20 online
Arkansas 20/yr Unlimited
California 40/yr Unlimited
Colorado none Unlimited
Conn. 40/2yr Unlimited
Delaware 48/2yr 12 online
D.C. 40/2yr Unlimited
Florida 40/yr 10 online
Georgia 40/2yr 20 online
Hawaii none Unlimited
Idaho 20/yr Unlimited
Illinois 36/2yr 20 online
Indiana 40/2yr Unlimited
Iowa 40/2yr Unlimited
Kansas 50/2yr Unlimited
Kentucky 30/2yr Unlimited
Louisiana 15/yr Unlimited
Maine 24/yr Unlimited
Maryland 40/2yr Unlimited
Massachusetts 40/2yr Unlimited
Michigan 36/2yr 18 online
Minnesota 20/yr Unlimited
Mississippi 40/2yr 10 online
Missouri 40/yr 20 online
Montana 25/yr Unlimited
Nebraska 25/2yr Unlimited
Nevada 30/ 2yr Unlimited
New Hampshire 40/ 3yr Unlimited
New Jersey 60/3yr Unlimited
New Mexico 24/yr Unlimited
New York 48/2yr 24 online
North Carolina 30/yr 10 online
North Dakota 20/yr Unlimited
Ohio 20/yr 5 online
Oklahoma 24/yr Unlimited
Oregon 60/2yr Unlimited
Pennsylvania 48/2yr Unlimited
Rhode Island 40/2yr 10 online
South Carolina 20/yr 10 online
South Dakota 40/yr Unlimited
Tennessee 18/yr 12 online
Texas 40/2yr 34 online
Utah 40/yr Unknown
Vermont 40/2yr Unlimited
Virginia 20/yr 10 online
Washington 36/2yr Unlimited
West Virginia 20 Unknown
Wisconsin 24/2yr Unlimited
Wyoming 25/yr Unknown

Assisted Living Facilities and Residential Care Homes

Oversight of Assisted Living Facilities are done on a state level. Many states are in the process of refining and developing new guidelines. Here is a list of the state requirements as of November 2012. If you have further questions about your guidelines, please contact your state office.

There are also many terms for Assisted Living (over 25 terms) and they vary from state to state. Some of the terms are: Assisted Living Facilities, Assisted Living Homes, Residential Care Homes, Care Homes, Personal Care Homes, Board and Care Homes and Group Care Homes.

Every state accepts NAB (NCERS) approved programs, but do not require programs to be NAB approved. The list below are the states that have continuing education requirements at this time.

State # CEUs - Admin. # CEUs - Staff # of CEUs that can be acquired online Special Staff Entity Approval Board for Cont. Education
Alabama 12/yr Special Care Adm. - 18 Unlimited Dementia - 9 none
Alaska 18/yr 12/yr Unlimited none none
Arizona 50/yr 12/yr 20 online Alf. Mgr. - 9 NAB programs accepted
Arkansas 6/yr 6/yr Unlimited none none
California ARF - 20/yr
RCFE - 20/yr
none Unlimited Alz. 8/yr NAB programs accepted
Colorado none none Unlimited none none
Connecticut none 6/yr Unlimited none none
Delaware 12/yr 12/yr Unlimited none NAB
D.C. none none Unlimited none none
Florida 12/2yr none Unlimited special care units 4/yr none
Georgia 40/yr 16/yr Unknown none Dept. of HR at inspection
Hawaii 6/yr 6/yr Unlimited none none
Idaho 12/yr 8/yr Unlimited none Board of Exam. of RE Facilities
Illinois 36/yr 12/yr Unknown none none
Indiana 40/yr none 20 online Alz. 3/yr Health Fac. Adm. Board
Iowa none 2/yr Unlimited Alz. 8/yr none
Kansas 50/2yr none Unlimited none none
Kentucky 20/yr none Unknown none none
Louisiana 12/yr none Unlimited none none
Maine MCLA - 24/yr
RCA - 12/yr
none Unlimited none none
Maryland 20/2yr none Unlimited none none
Massachusetts 10/yr 10/yr Unlimited none none
Michigan AFC - 16/yr none Unlimited none Dept. of HS
Minnesota none 8 if unlicensed, all staff inf. control Unlimited none none
Missouri 20/yr none Unlimited none none
Mississippi none none Unlimited none none
Montana 16/yr 15/yr Unlimited Alz. 8/yr none
Nebraska 12/yr 12/yr Unlimited none none
Nevada 8/yr 8/yr Unlimited none Healthcare Quality & Compliance
New Hampshire 12/yr none Unlimited none none
New Jersey 40/3yr none Unknown Med. assist. 10/yr
PCA 20/2yr
NJ Adm. Lic. Board
New Mexico none none Unlimited 12/yr none
New York Adm no current license in NY 60/yr none Unlimited none none
N. Carolina 30/yr Supervisor 12/yr Unlimited Med. Aidr 6/yr Div. of Fac. Services
N. Dakota 12/yr none Unlimited none none
Ohio 9/yr 8/yr Unlimited none none
Oklahoma 16/yr none Unlimited none Lic. Board for Ass. Living
Oregon 20/yr 12/yr Unlimited none Office of Lic. & Quality Care
Pennsylvania 24/yr 12/yr Unlimited none none
Rhode Island 32 hrs & 24 must be contact none Unlimited none RI Board for cert. of ALR Adm.
S. Carolina 18/yr. none Unlimited none SC Board of LTC (pre app. NAB programs)
S. Dakota none none Unlimited none none
Tennessee 24/2yr 12/yr Unlimited none none
Texas 12 12 ALR & AL Unlimited none none
Utah none none Unlimited none none
Vermont 20/yr 24/yr Unlimited none none
Virginia 20/yr 16/yr AL Unlimited 8/yr Residential none
Washington 10/yr 10/yr Unlimited none none
W. Virginia 8/yr none Unlimited none none
Wisconsin 30/yr CBRF & staff 15/yr Unknown AFH 8/yr none
Wyoming 16/yr, 8 must be cognative impairment 12/yr Unlimited none none


State # of CEUs that can be acquired online
Alabama 12/yr
Alaska 24/yr
Florida 12/2yr - Shall include HIV/AIDS, Inf. Control, Domestic Violence, Residents Rights
Iowa 12/yr
Kentucky 12/yr
Louisiana 10/yr
Nevada 24/yr
New Hampshire 12/yr
South Dakota 12/yr
Texas 12/yr
Wyoming 12/yr