Course Catalog

Following is a list of courses and the number of continuing education units that are offered on this site, and the cost. Units that have been approved by the National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long Term Care Administrators in Washington, D.C. and are valid in 48 states, excluding Kansas and Missouri. The approval number will be on your certificate, and we will notify your state when your certificate is issued to you.

In assisted living there is no pre-approval in 46 states, they are reviewed at the time of inspection. See "Check your state requirements" in the left menu frame. We are in the process of submitting our programs to the four states that do require pre-approval and will have that information on our site as approvals come in.

Course ID Title Credits Cost  
CEUS-1000-9 All Courses 99.25 $339.00
CEUS-1060 The Administrator's Playbook Bundle 40.00 $195.00
CEUS-1061 The Patient Care Bundle 40.00 $195.00
CEUS-1062 The Administrator's Playbook Mini-Bundle 20.00 $105.00
CEUS-1063 The Patient Care Mini-Bundle 20.00 $105.00
CEUS-1058-INT The Science of Aging (5 CEU's for CEBroker) 6.50 $65.00
CEUS-1016-9-INT Assisted Living Medications 1.75 $17.00
CEUS 1001-9-INT How to Manage Depression in the Elderly 1.00 $10.00
CEUS-1014-INT Infection Control and Standard Precautions 4.50 $45.00
CEUS-1026-9-INT Accessibility: It’s More Than The Americans With Disabilities Act 2.25 $22.50
CEUS-1036-9-INT Activities 1.25 $12.50
CEUS-1003-9-INT Alzheimer's and Dementia 1.00 $10.00
CEUS-1024-9-INT An Administrator's Guide to Abuse 1.25 $12.50
CEUS-1025-9-INT An Administrator's Guide To Maintenance 3.50 $35.00
CEUS-1029-9-INT An Administrator's Guide to Housekeeping 1.50 $15.00
CEUS-1013-9-INT Are Medical Ethics and Advance Directives Important? 1.25 $12.50
CEUS-1023-9-INT Be prepared for a Disaster 1.75 $17.50
CEUS-1049-INT Biological and Chemical Warfare: The History and Guidelines for Responding to Chemical and Biological Warfare 3.50 $35.00
CEUS-1056-INT Coffee, Chocolate, Tea and The Brain 3.50 $35.00
CEUS-1021-9-INT Continuing Care Retirement Communities: A Bridge Across Generations 2.00 $20.00
CEUS-1050-INT Cool Tools for Collaboration 3.00 $30.00
CEUS-1005-9-INT Death and Dying in Today's Society 1.50 $15.00
CEUS-1028-9-INT Ethics, Are They Important & Why? 3.00 $30.00
CEUS-1039-9-INT Falls in the Elderly 4.00 $40.00
CEUS-1052-INT How Important is Leadership in Long Term Care 2.75 $27.50
CEUS-1045-INT Managing and Communicating with Dementia Residents 4.00 $40.00
CEUS-1046-INT Medical Ethics in Long Term Care 4.50 $45.00
CEUS-1054-INT Medication Errors 2.25 $25.00
CEUS-1027-9-INT Medication Errors: Can Be Deadly 1.25 $15.00
CEUS-1055-INT Mental Illness In The Elderly 4.25 $45.00
CEUS-1015-9-INT Modern Trends in Long Term Care 2.25 $20.00
CEUS-1053-INT Performance Appraisal 2.00 $20.00
CEUS-1042-INT Resident Relations in Long-Term Care 0.75 $7.50
CEUS-1009-9-INT Residents' Rights in Long Term Care 2.25 $22.00
CEUS-1031-9-INT Resource Conservation for the Long-Term Care Administrator: Helping the Planet 2.00 $20.00
CEUS-1030-9-INT Security 1.50 $15.00
CEUS-1044-INT Survival Training for Alzheimer's Caregivers and Family 4.00 $40.00
CEUS-1047-INT TIA & Stroke 3.75 $37.50
CEUS-1018-9-INT Use of Restraints and Behavioral Management 3.00 $30.00
CEUS-1043-INT Violence in the Workplace 1.50 $15.00
CEUS-1038-9-INT What’s Cooking? An Operational Perspective into Long-Term Care Dining Services 1.25 $12.50
CEUS-1019-9-INT When Should We Renovate? 1.50 $15.00